IIA Legal Studies

IIA Legal Studies

The legal system and judiciary of the nation stand as a firm pillar of democracy and are the last resort of a commoner finding it hard to battle wrongs against him. On most occasions, the common man finds it difficult to deal with legal proceedings due to lack of awareness. IIA has committed itself to provide basic legal awareness to common citizens and budding lawyers that can empower them to face challenges without seeking anyone’s help.

2 Days Workshop

Introduction of Basic Legal Formats
  • General Principles of legal documentation
  • Rules of drafting and pleading
  • Basic format of affidavits
  • General criminal proceedings

One Month Course

Legal Drafting & Pleading
  • Principles of drafting and pleading
  • Drafting legal notices and replying to notices
  • Affidavits and counter affidavits
  • Legal Research methods
  • Terms of FIR & CSR

Three Month Course

Module 1: Lawyer’s Role in Chamber
  • Advance Legal Communications
  • Psychological Way of Handling Clients
  • Roles of Junior Lawyer
  • Explanation of Courts

Module 2: Criminal Proceedings
  • Drafting Criminal Complaints
  • Details about FIR & CSR
  • Proceedings of bail application
  • Original Criminal case files

Module 3: Civil Suit Proceedings
  • General Principles and essentials of framing a suit
  • Various types of legal notices & reply notices
  • Complete drafting of affidavits and counter affidavits
  • Essentials and format of contracts and general rules
  • Meaning and drafting of petitions, applications, interim applications and orders etc.
  • Drafting of deeds (sale, lease, mortgage, partnership etc.)
  • Way of legal analysis/opinion
  • Brief on property documents
  • Psychological way of handling matrimonial issues
  • Format of Bata, Vakalat, Writ

Module 4: Practicals
  • Practical Understanding of Drafting
  • Practice with original forms of Hon’ble High Court
  • Practice with original case files

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